Monday, November 1, 2010

Ode to green bic

How you have served me well. 

 You have sparked a journey over 12000 miles through these last months; a steady partner always at hand.  You have illuminated a small corner of the grand canyon and cast a glow of happiness From Green bay to Tampa.  

You've survived a near drowning in San Diego and left me breathless in New Mexico.  You've enabled me long nights in motel rooms, always by my side.  

Lit a trip from the high winds of oklahoma, to the low lands of south carolina...Fired up from the Everglades to the smoky mountains, through rain and fog, you've kept me illuminated. 
When finally back home, your flame burned bright, I knew you were nearing it's end.  
Even feeble, i needed you, until you ran out of the essence which gave you life. 

I shall remember you.